Dur Feres - Sidama Community Lot #58

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Flavor Notes: Cherry, Blueberry, Brandy, Assam

Region: Sidama Zone, Bensa District

Producer: multiple smallholder producers

Varietal: Heirloom varietals

Process: Natural

Dur Feres is imported by one of our partners, Catalyst Trade, in Portland, OR.  Catalyst focuses on ethically and sustainably importing specifically Ethiopian coffees.

Dur Feres translates to "Wild Horse" from the local Amharic language.  It comes from neighboring families and communities in Ethiopia with the highest quality micro-lots to support families and regions that are too small to go noticed.  We love this coffee and we believe that you will too!


Openness, Communication & Accountability

Fairlane Price: $11.15

Here's the quick breakdown.

  • Cost of Green - $4
  • Shipping from Ethiopia - $1.23
  • Production - $5.92
    • Roasting Machine Rental - $0.73
    • Storage - $0.17
    • Employee Labor & Incentives - $1.42
    • Shrinkage, Loss, Testing, QC - $0.99
    • Bags, Labels, Stickers, Packaging, etc. - $2.56
    • Local Mileage - $0.05

Here's the finer print:

Green Cost:
Our green costs are determined by our import partners.  For this coffee, our partner is Catalyst Trade who has set the price at $4.00.

Dur Feres is a community lot from individual neighboring farms.

**Community Lot #58**

Sourced from the same families and communities that our importer finds its highest quality lots, Dur Feres, enjoys the same traceability and is organic certified.


This number represents the cost we incurred while the coffee was moved from the producing country to Costa Oro, a warehouse in Portland, OR, where we pick up the coffee and bring to a Co-op roaster, Aspect Coffee Works.

The transportation cost is determined by Catalyst Trade, our coffee supplier, and we reimburse for those costs.



There's a lot of considerations that go into coffee production.  We'll take a stab at showing you some of what happens behind the scenes.

Currently our production costs are $5.92 per pound.  Why so much?  Well, we are a small roaster with a single cafe and don't have the same negotiation power as medium-sized companies and large corporations.

Fixed Costs
These costs go to utilities, rental equipment, rent, business licenses, fees, etc.  The world doesn't ever get cheaper to live in.

Coffee Roasting
As our roasting partners at Onyx state: "Roasting itself creates a loss in coffee. There’s the straightforward fact that when coffee is roasted it loses between 7% and 8% of its weight, meaning that if you bought 1000lbs of a lot you end up with 920lbs of roasted coffee."  Between shrinkage, loss, samples, Quality Control and evaluations, we typically see 15% to 20% of our coffee eliminated before even being bagged.

When you receive coffee from us, it's been tested through numerous brew methods, scored and battle tested before we put the Fairlane name onto the bag.

You will only receive the absolute best coffee because selfishly, we do want to see you purchase more in the future!

When you earn money, the government wants its share.  The seasonality of our industry can be we try to account for it as much as possible.

We use BioTre products from Tricorbraun as they are one of the most sustainable options on the market.  We love that they are biodegradable.  While not the cheapest, we believe in LNT-- "LEAVE NO TRACE!"-- and want to leave our planet in a better state than we found it in. 

We also focus on recyclable materials in our packaging.  While shipping packages leave waste, we are trying to attempt to offset with other key decisions as well as donate to One Tree Planted to offset our carbon footprint.

Our team is awesome.  We are a dedicated crew that have worked together to get to where we are today.  Each of our employees has left an indelible mark on our company, and we are proud of that.  Our goal is to be sustainable with our employees as well as our partners.  We ensure that everyone earns a livable wage, has health insurance, gets PTO, and is saving for short-term or long-term goals, whether it's purchasing a home or retiring.  It's challenging to do this as a small company with only 1 store front, but we would not exist without our team of 8 employees.

Our coffee tastes great because our team collaborates and takes ownership in every coffee that we offer.  Often we have a handful of staff that get celebrated, but everyone on our team contributes and is valuable. Our roastery production crew may earn small commission incentives on coffees sold. Fairlane is not just a brand or a design or a café, we are truly made by every person on our team.

Another place we are highly invested in labor is in our coffee quality control. Our entire team literally cups every single batch of coffee that we roast, score it, make notes, and give feedback. This is where we also determine the flavor notes that you find on your bag!  These records are retained and shared upon request to any customer. This adds another 0.25 headcount to Fairlane every year.  Most businesses aren't neurotic like we are, but we really do want to offer the best possible product.  Every sip you take of every coffee has been thought through, deliberated for months, and intentionally chosen for its flavor, thickness, sweetness, mouthfeel.

We roast in a maximum of 20 pound batches.  This practice is expensive, but for the ability to maintain high quality, it's absolutely imperative.  We could easily cut our roasting costs in half, but we do want our coffees to be unarguably fantastic.
Each employee chips into the creativity that you see on our website, social media, designs, atmosphere.  We prefer to pay our employees before hiring outside help to create more full-time jobs.  It also ensures that you have a look & feel that truly resembles the genetic makeup of our team as well as provides sustainable work for every one of our dedicated team members.

There's still plenty more that goes behind the scenes.  If you are still reading and want to learn more, just let us know! :)


Cup Score:
As a team on a weekly basis, we evaluate all the coffees we taste on a scoresheet developed by coffee professionals around the world. This is our way to translate our coffees into a standardized methodology set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association.  Our goal is to assign a numerical score to any coffee that we smell and taste.  Otherwise, coffees are traded on exchanges, and that practice seriously undercuts the farming communities.  Through fair practices, we pay easily double what the coffee is economically worth and even as much as 1000% more.  

We list the cup score of each coffee we purchase for visibility as we want every customer who spends their hard-earned money to know exactly what they are buying.  This serves as a benchmark for high levels of quality that we seek to impart in our business practices.  That way we pay for what's in the cup versus focusing solely on economics.  Our goal is to support the coffee growing community and enable future generations of farmers to sustain their practices set forth today.

For more information on coffee sensory science, check out the Coffee Quality Institute.



Dur Feres - Sidama Community Lot #58

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